Matthew Hudson

Hi, i'm Matt nice to meet you. I'm 20 and i'm studying Economics at the University of Amsterdam. I love a project and in my spare time I setup websites for small businesses and companies.

Just a few examples...


dog walking & boarding company

Woofyboarding was a lot of fun to make. The owner was really looking for a cutting-edge website that was simple but powerful. This started with the design for the logo which really fits with Woofyboarding's colour scheme and layout. I also designed the animated pictures for the services section to give the website a really friendly, comforting feel. Woofyboarding is very interactive and has become a really popular website.

look for yourself:



dog walking & boarding company

Happywoofers was my first big project. The home page is always the most important thing for me as it is the first thing your clients will see. If I was looking for a dog walker I would be looking for something professional and with a lot of good reviews. Happywoofers really does this, with its simple clear-cut design where you can find everything you need. It's not cluttered and the level of quality is maintained throughout the whole website.

For each website, I design a powerful feature that makes it stand out over others. With Happywoofers you will see a unique high-resolution image for each webpage with a quote relating to that page. These small but clever tricks will instantly attract potential clientele and give your company image a real boost.

look for yourself:


Your website

What's included

Interested in me setting up your website? Fantastic, here's what I will do for you:

  • Domain name(s), registration and hosting.

  • A domain name is the name you give to your website. It is the web address that people will use to access your website '' There are several websites where you can purchase your domain name from (if it is available and isn't already being used by someone else).

    Once you have purchased your domain name and your website is setup you will need to purchase web hosting. This is usually an add-on you can buy with the domain registrar (the place where you bought your domain name from) for a small monthly fee.

    There are therefore two types of payment. Your domain name and web hosting for your domain.

    Already seems complicated? No problem, I have a lot of experience with this and is why i'm here. This information is just to give you a breakdown of what will be happening in the process of setting up your website.

  • The website

  • This will begin with a free consultation where we will discuss your company/business, your target audience and what sort of services you are/will be offering. I ask that you provide an email with all of the information you want included on the website including any pictures you want displayed. This is to help me prepare an initial design. Once you are happy with this, the website will be completed to your liking.

  • Search engine optimisation

  • Once your website has been completed it may be time to start thinking about google rankings and where you feature on search engines for keywords. For example, if I search 'dog walking poole' in google I can see that Happywoofers and Woofyboarding feature in the top 5. This is made possible by something called SEO or search engine optimisation. As part of the plan, I can give you some advice to help you improve your rankings in search engines.

  • Files and editing

  • Once you're happy and your website is live for the world to see, its time for us to part ways and never hear from each other again... just kidding! Once i've setup your website I will write you a beginners guide on how to make basic changes to your website such as the wording and adding new information - it's important to stay up to date! All of the website files will be sent to you as a .zip file - you'll only need this if you want to change things.


In return i'm not looking for a whole lot of money, just enough to cover the man hours that went into completing the project.

Get in touch with me and we'll take it from there.